Rug Pads For Seniors

Rug pads are often made with recycled and safe products. Buyers and sellers wish for the best and the best is what they get. Chemically treated rug pads are a dangerous waste of money and nobody wants to buy something that harms their home or children. Getting a rug pad made from natural products is what every buyer desires.

rugpadhomesBuying a rug pad for one’s home is an easy exercise. All one has to do is go to the outlet, find what is needed and bring it back. Installation and use is extremely easy and since it is low maintenance, there is not much effort wasted in taking care of it. Rug pads for children, for the living room and the home are all important, but buying one for senior people is slightly harder. Since older people require constant care and looking after, they are treated with utmost precaution. Rugs are not placed on floors or carpets because they become a serious tripping hazard. So, most of the times, floors are left barren and cold for them, with not a rug in sight.

With the Durahold rug pad collection, keeping rugs on the floor and keeping them safe is no longer an issue. Rug pads will keep a firm hold on the rug, keep the area warm and make it easier for people to clean up around and under it.

How They Benefit Seniors

padsforseniorsSince elderly people are always in danger of falling or tripping, one has to be careful about what kind of rug or rug pad they use. To keep something that is too thick would lift the rug higher than it is safe and cause a caring grandparent to take a nasty tumble. Keeping in mind their needs in senior homes, rug pads are designed to be a safe addition to the household. Safe – Without a rug pad, the rug is in danger of bunching up and sliding. Since senior homes use wheelchairs on a daily basis, they avoid rugs because the wheels of the chair often leave a dent in the rug. It turns them around and becomes an annoyance as well as a tripping danger. With Durahold rug pads’ anti slip technology, the rug will stay in place no matter what. All sorts of traffic can pass over it without damaging the rug or letting it skid about to become a dangerous hurdle.

Permanence – Rug pads reduce the wear and tear on a rug. They keep the fibres of a rug from getting crushed since they take the brunt of the footstep or weight added to the rug. They also make cleaning the rug easier since they provide ventilation. Insulation –keeping a rug pad under the rug will also increase the insulation. With air passing through, the rug pad is designed to keep the air flow going. It also traps heat inside so it warms up easily. For senior people, having warmth in the room is imperative. The rug pad will keep heat to itself.

Sound Proof

soundproofrugpads–Stepping on the thick and soft rug pad will make it easier to smother sound. When elderly people use walking sticks, it tends to make hard noises and irritates them. With a rug pad that reduces noise when something heavy hits it, it absorbs the sound. Children are comparatively easy to buy rug pads for, but for seniors, the homes have to be careful. Each rug pad is designed to absorb sound, keep heat in and provide comfort. Buying a rug pad for the elderly is a wise investment because not only do rugs brighten the room, they become safer to walk and step on with a rug pad underneath.