How Long do Rug Pads Last

rugpadChoosing a good rug pad can make a huge difference to the way a rug holds up in the home. It will be less susceptible to damage and tearing. People know little about rug padding since not a lot of people use it. They do not know how long it lasts or what damages it. The different materials used to make a rug pad affect how long the pad will perform before it withers and breaks. Some last longer than others when made from the right materials while others simply wither away. To get familiar with rug pads and how long they last, knowledge of the materials that are used to make them is important.

Popular Materials and Durability:

The most popular materials used to make rug pads are often the ones that last the longest. The following materials are used to make the most rug pads and their durability is dependent on these materials.


rubberrugpads–Rubber padding is of two kinds. One is made from plant oils and is organic. This is a healthy form of rubber and it gives a good grip on the floor as well as the rug. It had been around for a shorter amount of time if compared to the other conventional rubber. Conventional rubber is less used these days and not as popular as the other materials. However, they are better at handling wear and tear and have a capacity to last for ten to twenty years if used properly.


rebondrugpads–This is the most popular in terms of rug pads. Rebond is a collection of foams that have been bonded together after being recycled. Heat-pressed together, they contain no form of glue or dangerous chemicals. It is strong in terms of durability and can handle the weight and pressure well. It can last for ten years once placed under the rug. However, the amount of traffic passing over the rug itself and the furniture placed on it will affect its lifespan.


–urethanepadsThe most preferred and used rug padding is made from Urethane. It provides a thick, durable layer beneath the rug. The hold on this padding is better than rubber and rebond pads because it is sprayed with adhesives. However, this kind of extra grip with the use of adhesives comes with a price.The rug pad has been chemically treated to make it last longer, between fifteen to twenty years. People do prefer a longer life of the product, but it is a dangerous pad to have in your homeas the chemicals are injurious to health.


feltpads–Felt is a simple rug pad and is usually placed beneath delicate carpets because it is so fine. Unlike the ones used on cement floors, this is a lighter pad that gives a soft protection to handmade carpets and rugs. Felt pads last relatively shorter than others, starting to wear out by the end of five years. High performance in terms of rug pads, is desired by everyone who buys them. The padding is expected to work well and keep the floors and rugs safe. Eventually they do wear out but with regular care and washing they can last much longer.