Installation and Care of a Rug Pad

Buying a rug pad is easy. All a buyer has to do is go to the nearest outlet, choose the one they want and get it. If it is in stock, they can buy is right then and there. If it is not, then they have to order the size and shape they want and the company often has them custom made. Either way, the rug pad will be brought home safely wrapped and ready to use. There is nothing left for the user to do other than unpack it, find a place to put it down and set it beneath the carpet. It is an easy process, no help required once the user knows what to do and how to do it.

rugpadinstallInstalling a Rug Pad:

Installation and care for a rug pad is very easy. Normally, when a rug pad is bought, it is already rolled up and packed, already down like it should be. It is just a case of unrolling it and placing it where it is needed. If the rug pad is not already packed the way it has t be placed down, there are easy steps to know which side touches the rug and which sticks to the floor.


–All felt rug pads have a smooth and a fuzzy side. The fuzzier side helps it stick to the ground and the smoother side keeps the rug on top. The answer to this is simple enough. Placing the fuzzier side needs to be placed on the floor, then the rug has to be placed directly on top so it has a good hold. Other than a few inches cut off so the pad is not visible, the rug has to be in complete alignment with the pad. This might take a few tries but in the end it will settle the way the user wants.

Felt and Rubber

Felt and rubber rug pads are different on both sides. To keep a firm grip on the rug, the felt side stays on top while the rubber side goes down to stick against the floor. It will leave no marks or imprints but it will keep the rug in place.


–Since foam is thicker than felt or rubber it does not matter what side is placed on top or stays on the floor. Rebond is an easy to use multipurpose material that holds well on both sides.

careforrugpadsCaring for the Rug Pad:

Durahold rug pads are easy to take care of. They require little maintenance and are generally a less problematic addition to the home. To take care of the rug pad all one needs is a little soap and water or a vacuum cleaner. If something is dropped on the rug, all the buyer has to do is blot it out. If it stains, then a mild detergent and a sponge is enough to clean the surface of the rug pad. It air dries so there is no real hassle. Once in a while it might need to be vacuumed. Just lifting the rug off and sweeping over the surface or running the vacuum cleaner is enough for that.

A rug pad does tend to wear like a rug. So rotation is important. To try and prevent it from damaging, the rug pad needs to be rotated, perhaps once a year. Two people can pick it up, switch it about and place it back on the floor where it was. Little harms a rug pad. It is a durable, user friendly invention that is easy to use and easy to install. All the user has to do is unroll and let the rug settle on it. It is quick and simple; making the homes safe in a few steps.