Rug Pads for Heated Floors

Everyone wants a good, durable and non slip rug pad in their homes. They want their floors to be adorned without risk of damage to their floor or their carpet. There are certain rug pads that are designed to withstand heated floors and do not contain chemicals that melt on the floor. They do not release fumes that some other rug pads do since they are made from 100% rubber and felt.
Rug pads designed for heated floors can be placed under any type of rug.
The rug pad will protect the floor without sticking to it and keep the rug safe. Natural rubber and felt are materials that are safe for heated floors. The two materials are so dense they will prevent damage to the floors.
These rug pads are not only safe and non RugBuddy-DMslip, they are also free from glue. When a rug pad uses glue to help it stick, the glue will melt and ruin your floors. It will leave an irremovable impression on the floor polish beneath it once it is removed.
Durahold rug pads are made to withstand stress and pressure of any kind. Unless it is placed on the hot air vent, or deliberately damaged, the rug pad will last for the consumer for a very long time. Since these rug pads are not sprayed with preserving adhesives, it will not stick to the heated floor under it.
Premium Grip rug pads:
Premium Grip Rug pads are one of the best. These not only have a good grip on the surface, they can endure more heat than others. They are not chemically 9f24feae0f3de257f6eef281201eadadtreated; the felt and rubber used on them are recycled and 100% percent natural. These rug pads are designed to be both durable and noise resistant. Add the feature of it being able to stand against heated floors and it’s a winner.
Rug pads for Heated Flooring
If the product is faulty, the rug pad is prone to melting. Unless a 100% felt or rubber – felt mix is not used, the rug pad will disintegrate over time. In places where the heat and humidity is high, the rug pad material will dissolve into the floors and stain them.
To prevent this damage, especially with heated floors, there are a few easy things you can do.
Apply the rug pad on the heated floor at least three weeks after the finishing has been done. This is to prevent even the slightest chance of the finish giving under or melding with the rug pad.
Since the floor is heated, you must never place the rug pad on an air vent or close to it. This will cause the durability of the rug pad to decrease. Over time, the heat from the vents will melt the rubber or make the felt stick together when the heat is turned off.
For radiant or heated floors, you have to be careful of the brand you use. These rug pads give you authentic materials that have not gone through any treatment. The Durahold rug pad is not only non slip; it will give the best hold without risk of damaging the floor.
Rug pads can save your rugs and floor from damage. It keeps the rugs floored so that anyone walking or running over it will not be in any sort of harm and you can have a safe place for your daily routine.

Best Rug Pads For Hardwood Floors

hardwoodflooringAny homeowner that has hardwood floors installed knows how much care and maintenance these floors require. They are not only expensive to set up, but they are highly sensitive. Solid hardwood flooring can be easily marred or defaced by moisture or by the action of carpet wearing. What homeowners need is a good way to protect hardwood floors from disfigurement. Durahold rug pads are emerging as a very popular way to safeguard both your carpet and your hardwood floor and ensure their longevity. Here are some ways in which such rug pads benefit homes.

Prevents Carpet Wearing And Moisture Seepage

These rug pads offer excellent protection to sensitive hardwood floor. Being thick, they add an extra layer of material that keeps your carpet from constantly wearing against the floor. This ensures that your flooring is not impaired over time and retains its looks over a long time. In addition, this rug pad keeps your floor from getting marred via moisture. Carpets are porous materials, and so any liquid spills, carpet dyes or paints can soak through minuscule holes in the carpet and down to the floor underneath. Placing a rug pad beneath your carpet will prevent moisture from seeping through and destroying the hardwood floor.This makes such rug pads ideal for your child’s bedroom and nursery as well as rooms like bathrooms and kitchen where there is added danger of liquid spillage.

Averts Pressure From Heavy Furniture

Placing furniture on the carpet means a lot of pressure is being exerted on both the floor and the carpet. This pressure can cause holes in expensive carpets and disfigure sensitive hardwood floors. Being 48 ounces thick, a Durahold rug pad keeps even the heaviest furniture from denting the floor. It ensures your floor remains safe, and you are able to place any type of furniture on the carpet without worrying it may cause disfigurement.

furnituresonrugpadsProvide Comfort And Prevent Trip Hazards

Hardwood floors can sustain damage from rough walks as well as tripping. Placing a Durahold rug pad underneath your carpet will help to avoid damage through these actions. Being dense and compact, this padding will ensure a thicker and more comfortable walk, thereby reducing the risk of tripping. Being made from soft material, it also makes for a more comfortable walk on the carpet, and this way it will give protection to delicate flooring.

Eco-friendly raw materials give added protection

These rug pads are made from finest solid natural rubber, whereas most other rug pads contain sprayed latex or synthetic rubber. Natural rubber is eco-friendly and does not pose any harm to your floor. It is compatible with all types of fragile flooring, and are excellent for use with hardwood. Natural rubber rug pads offer a sturdy grip to carpets and do not stick to floors.

hardwoodflooringYour hardwood floor is a valuable home investment that will last a long time, provided you expend the care and effort it requires. Placing Durahold rug pads underneath hardwood floors will protect them from damage through staining, dents, discolouring and scratches and for this reason they are a good asset for any home.


Rug Pads For Tile Floors

tileflooringTile floors are extremely durable home investments that will last a long time, provided you expend the necessary care and effort to help preserve their value and appearance. One way to protect tile floors is to use a Durahold rug pad. Durahold can be placed underneath your carpet, ensuring protection for both carpet and floor. This rug pad is gaining a lot of attention from home experts and homeowners alike owing to the vast benefits they provide for homes.

A Strong Grip For Carpets

An improperly placed carpet will keep slipping around and wear against your tile floor, which will eventually mar the floor’s delicate texture. Durahold helps you avoid this possibility. It keeps a firm grip on the carpet and keeps it from wearing against the floor. This way, Durahold ensures your floor retains its looks and structure over a long time.

Enhanced Comfort And Protection

Tile floors often have slippery and hard surfaces, that might them uncomfortable and rough to walk. Durahold has a thick and dense consistency and adds volume to the carpet. This makes for a softer, comfier and safer floor surface to walk or sit on. Durahold also holds the carpet tightly so it does not slip or roll around. It keeps the carpet even and flat under pressure from heavy footsteps. This reduces the hazard of tripping and falling. For this reason, Durahold is a good rug pad to line carpets in children’s bedrooms for added safety and reduced trip risk. They can also be placed in high traffic areas like living rooms for their protection value.

Best Protection For Tile Floors

tilefloorsTile floors can easily get marred by stains and debris such as dirt or sand. Such debris can be abrasive for tile floors. Durahold rug pads offer the best brand of protection for both your carpet and your floor by absorbing potentially harmful debris and moisture before they can inflict any damage. Liquid stains can deface the smooth and even texture of the tile floor and cause it to discolour and attain a rough look. To avoid this, Durahold is designed with a bulky structure to soak up harmful spills on the carpet before they can reach the floor underneath.

Resistance To Pressure

Heavy furniture and rough walk can damage the delicate surface of a tile floor and roughen up its polished texture. Durahold keeps this from happening. Being dense and thick, Durahold rug pads provide the bulk necessary to resist pressure from furniture, no matter how heavy. They also keep the tiled floor from sustaining any damage through persistent foot traffic.

Eco-Friendly Rug Pads

Durahold rug pads are made from environmentally friendly materials that are organic, non-polluting and hypoallergenic. Durahold does not pose any health risks. It is moth, mould and mildew resistant and does not give off any bad odour, even if damp. This rug pad conforms to strict environmental standards and it certifies to a greener environment. Durahold is an ideal accessory for a green and healthy home.

tilefloorwithrugpadThis quality is reassuring for homeowners, as many low grade rug pads available in markets cause allergies and wear out quickly. Durahold rug pads do not need regular care or cleaning and last a long time. This frees homeowners from constantly having to repair and replace rug pads. Being low-maintenance, Durahold gives a good service over a long time. Taking into account the range of benefits they provide, Durahold rug pads are fast becoming highly demanded home accessories. Many homeowners are shifting to buying Durahold as an upgrade from regular rug pads, as they ensure greater protection, comfort and safety of the home and family.

Rug Pads For Vinyl Floors

Vinyl floors are very durable and can last a long time with the right amount of care, maintenance and upkeep. While resilient, vinyl flooring can easily sustain damage through stains or moisture, and so needs a good brand of protection to ensure the floor retains its texture and looks.

vinylflooringMany rug pads have emerged in the market that can give your vinyl floor that extra layer of protection it requires. However, most rug pads are made from low quality and third rate materials that can end up damaging your carpet and marring your floor. As a homeowner, what you need is a premium quality rug pad that will give top-notch value to your home. Durahold rug pads are becoming quite trendy and popular among homeowners these days. Durahold is a top brand that makes highly effective and durable rug pads offering home a whole range of benefits.

Best Protection For Flooring

Durahold works well with vinyl floors. It creates a buffer between your carpet and floor, thereby ensuring the carpet does not wear against the floor. This keeps the vinyl surface from damage. Vinyl flooring can get easily stained and discoloured by any moisture or liquid spillage. Durahold rug pad also acts as a sponging agent, soaking up any stains, colours and dyes on the carpet or accidental water spills before they can inflict marring or damage on the floor.

vinylflooringWithstands Heavy Pressure

Vinyl is sensitive and can get impaired from foot traffic or heavy furniture. A Durahold rug pad is heavy, dense and compact, and is able to provide the necessary bulk to endure pressure from the heaviest furniture and footsteps. This ensures that your vinyl floor remains safe from external sources of damage.

Keep Rugs From Slipping

If a carpet is not properly secured, it will constantly wear against the floor, leading to disintegration of the vinyl texture. Durahold rug pads are very helpful in providing a strong grip to hold your rug or carpet in place. They exert strong pressure on the carpet effectively restraining it in its position so it does not roll or move about the place. This keeps the carpet from wearing against the floor and in this way, prolongs the lifespan of both your carpet and floor.

Added Protection And Cushioning

Being bulky and dense, Durahold rug pad will enhance cushioning support for your vinyl floor, making it more hardy and resilient. This aspect makes Durahold an ideal rug pad to place in high traffic areas like living rooms and bedrooms. Durahold also adds to your home’s protection. As vinyl has a rather hard surface, this can make walking on the floor uncomfortable. Placing a Durahold rug pad on the vinyl surface will take care of this issue. Durahold is thick and compact, and adds to the volume of the carpet. This gives a softer and more comfortable floor surface to walk on. In addition, Durahold keeps your carpet flattened and smooth. This greatly reduces the danger of tripping and falling over uneven surfaces. For this reason, Durahold is the preferred choice for lining sensitive areas like children’s bedrooms, kitchens and bathrooms.

vinylflooringConsidering their strength and resilience, Durahold rug pads are the best type of protective padding for your vinyl floor. Many homeowners have switched over to Durahold as they are confident in the superior value of these rug pads. These rug pads come with many rave reviews and acclaims from top home experts owning to the quality and durability of their service. Durahold is fully eco-friendly and biodegradable and will not cause any harm to your vinyl floor.

Rug Pads for Concrete Floors

concretefloorrugpadsRugs can add warmth and softness to concrete floors, just like it adds color to them. It gives a better outlook to the otherwise cold floor and it makes the whole place look domesticated. Concrete floors are harsh and unyielding, so adding a rug to it will keep them from looking that way. They soften the appearance of the room and overall atmosphere.

Rugs are designed for polished floors and smooth surfaces. Placing one on a cemented floor can add an element of freshness to the room, but it can also damage the rug itself. The hard surface of the concrete is not as forgiving as others. Marble and tile tend to use a firm grip rug pad, but concrete floors ask for durability.

Rug Pads from Concrete Flooring:

concretefloorSince the rough surface of the concrete will tear conventional rug pads, a thicker pad is needed to help them keep from breaking apart. Mostly, concrete floors are found in the basement, which have the tendency tocollect moisture. It is important to use a proper rug pad for such an environment. There are a variety of Durahold rug pads available, but the best rug pad for this type is the recycled jute rug pad.

When looking for a rug pad, it is important to know what kind of material the pad is made of. This is important because it will affect the overall performance of the pad and how long your rug will last. There are many synthetic jute rug pads in the market, available at low prices. They are not suitable for concrete floorings, even though they are of good quality. A recycled rug pad has no rubber or plastic in them and is made from recycled fibres like nylon and wool.This helps the jute rug pad to become resistant to mildew and hard surfaces. Since a concrete floor is very hard, the best rug pads not only keep a firm grip on the floor, they protect the rug as well.

Since the back of the rug is always rubbing against the hard floor when it is stepped on, the rug pad helps take the pressure and shock, away. It cushions the rug and prevents premature wearing as well as keep it from slipping. The best in jute rug pads are the ones that are thick and dense. Their softness and their broad borders provide ample padding for the rug and since it is made from coarse fibre, it won’t wear easily. It also adds to the comfort of the rug in general.

concretewithrugpadsA recycled and of good quality rug pad will last up to fifteen years if cared for properly. But there are others that contain PVC plastics that tend to melt into the concrete and prone to mildew and mould. In addition, they tend to absorb moisture and cause the pad to crack and break. If it is not the proper kind then it is prone to a short life span and bad performance. Knowing what kind of Duraholdrug pads are best for various floors, is imperative. If the right type is bought; the one designed for the proper floor, it will last for years.

Rug Pads for Marble Floors

Buying a rug pad for marble flooring is not tricky. All one needs is to find the best, synthetic and long lasting rug pad, available in the market. Though many of those in the market are unsafe, a user needs to ask a company that specifically works in floorings and rugs. They provide the most useful information, after all.

Rug pads for marble floors are made with extra grip and durability to last against wearing and getting broken. Generally, they are made from a felt and rubber mix where the felt keeps the rug anchored and the rubber stays firmly on the flooring. Getting a rug pad for a marble floor requires knowledge of what material best provides what is needed.

What to look for?

When buying a rug pad for a marble floor, the main feature to look for is the grip of the pad. The thickness and softness of the material come next since the rug on the marble floor tends to wear out faster. There is no real grip on polished and smooth marble, so often a rug will bunch up or slip under the pressure of a footstep. This is not safe for the person nor is it safe for the rug. Buying a rug pad that helps keep it in place is essential. When looking for a rug pad to place over a marble floor, a few things must be kept in mind.

marbleflooringDoes it offer protection?

A good rug pad will hold on to the carpet on top as well as protect it. Since a marble flooring is hard and unyielding, without a pad, the rug will have its fibres crushed and trampled when walked on. A rug pad will take the brunt of the weight and keep it from being trampled between the floor and a hard pressure.

Does it have a good grip?

–The most important feature for a rug pad for a marble floor is to know if it can hold up against friction and pressure. When a rug is stepped on and the weight distribution is off, the rug will slip and cause the person stepping on it to fall. A rug pad terminates the threat of a horrible fall by keeping the rug stuck to it, while it stays firmly on the floor. So the answer would be, yes, it does have a good grip.

Can it keep the rug warm?

–As everyone knows, a marble floor may be beautiful, but in cold weather it tends to get very cold. Stepping on it is undesirable, so a rug is added to keep warm. The rug itself can be a good insulator, but adding a rug pad under it, will make it twice as warm. A rug pad insulates heat. It keeps itself and the rug warm when sat upon or stepped on. It is comfortable because of its softness and becomes very comfortable.

marbleflooringwithpadsBuying the correct rug pad for a marble floor can mean protection for both the marble and the rug itself. Since rugs create friction, constantly moving them about will damage the fibres on the underside of the rug and the polished surface of the marble. Sometimes when it is moved too much, the rug can scratch on the surface of the marble and leave tiny lines that cannot be fixed. This leaves permanent marks on beautiful floors. With the rug pad to take the scratching on its durable surface, the floor will be protected and given a healthy shine without the danger of someone slipping. The rug will be safe and last longer because the pad will keep it in place, keep it from bunching and give it a longer life than before.