Tips To Buy The Best Rug Pad

Why Buy A Rug Pad?

buythebestrugpadRug pads offers homeowners many benefits. A rug pad can be placed on the underside of a carpet or rug, right above the floor. This is beneficial for both carpet and floor. The rug pad prevents your carpet from slipping around the room and keeps it locked in its position so it does not lose its texture and consistency over time. It also prevents carpet fibres from fraying with time, thereby enhancing carpet lifespan.

The rug pad acts as a buffer, keeping your carpet from wearing against the floor. Many floors like hardwood, ceramic, marble and tile are expensive and delicate, which means they sustain damage from the slightest stain or liquid spillage. The rug pad soaks up any moisture or liquid before it can deface your flooring. As the rug pad gives so many advantages to your home, it is important to give a lot of thought into buying one for your carpet.

Buy Best Quality Rug Pads

It is important to buy superior rug pads. You will come across many brands of rug pads in the market, but a lot of these are cheap and third rate, wearing away easily and needing regular cleaning and repair. Find a good and reliable brand, even if it may be more expensive than alternative rug pads. You will be better off buying a costly rug pad that will give you reliable service and last a long time.

Compatibility With Flooring

The rug pad you choose must work well with your floor type. Some padding may not be compatible with finishings like hardwood, ceramic or acrylic. For instance, PVC rug pads do not work with some hardwood finishes, like luxury vinyl or lacquer. Make sure to buy one that is suitable for your flooring, otherwise it may end up damaging the floor.

Avoid Synthetic Rug Pads

rugpadGo for organic and eco-friendly rug pads instead of synthetic padding. Artificial rug pads are often treated with factory chemicals and additives that could wear out the carpet fabric and deface your floor. Biodegradable rug pads do not inflict any damage on either your floor or carpet.

Determine The Pressure

Rug pads will vary with the type of function they will be performing in your home. If you are placing the rug pad in a high traffic area or a room with heavy furniture, buy a thicker rug pad for extra protection and enhanced comfort. Thick rug pads like felt or rubber are ideal if you have a large family with small kids. If your room is not regularly used or has light furniture, a thinner rug pad may be sufficient for your needs.

Size Of Carpet Or Rug

The type of rug pad you buy will vary with the size of your carpet. Buy felt rug pads for large area rugs. These are thick, sturdy and dense, and provide a good buffer between your floor and carpet. For small rugs and carpets, go for a natural rubber rug pad as it offers a firm, non-slip grip and goes well with all floor types.

Climate And Weather Conditions

buyrugpadsIf you live in a humid area, natural rubber rug pads are your best option. These rug pads do not to the floor or carpet, unlike PVC rug pads. Natural rubber works well in humid climates and does not retain damp, unlike vinyl or PVC padding that could cause discoloration on your flooring. The best rug pad is one that is compatible with both your carpet and floor, and keeps them from damage and deterioration. Buy a rug pad that will best suit your individual home requirements.