Rug Pads For Tile Floors

tileflooringTile floors are extremely durable home investments that will last a long time, provided you expend the necessary care and effort to help preserve their value and appearance. One way to protect tile floors is to use a Durahold rug pad. Durahold can be placed underneath your carpet, ensuring protection for both carpet and floor. This rug pad is gaining a lot of attention from home experts and homeowners alike owing to the vast benefits they provide for homes.

A Strong Grip For Carpets

An improperly placed carpet will keep slipping around and wear against your tile floor, which will eventually mar the floor’s delicate texture. Durahold helps you avoid this possibility. It keeps a firm grip on the carpet and keeps it from wearing against the floor. This way, Durahold ensures your floor retains its looks and structure over a long time.

Enhanced Comfort And Protection

Tile floors often have slippery and hard surfaces, that might them uncomfortable and rough to walk. Durahold has a thick and dense consistency and adds volume to the carpet. This makes for a softer, comfier and safer floor surface to walk or sit on. Durahold also holds the carpet tightly so it does not slip or roll around. It keeps the carpet even and flat under pressure from heavy footsteps. This reduces the hazard of tripping and falling. For this reason, Durahold is a good rug pad to line carpets in children’s bedrooms for added safety and reduced trip risk. They can also be placed in high traffic areas like living rooms for their protection value.

Best Protection For Tile Floors

tilefloorsTile floors can easily get marred by stains and debris such as dirt or sand. Such debris can be abrasive for tile floors. Durahold rug pads offer the best brand of protection for both your carpet and your floor by absorbing potentially harmful debris and moisture before they can inflict any damage. Liquid stains can deface the smooth and even texture of the tile floor and cause it to discolour and attain a rough look. To avoid this, Durahold is designed with a bulky structure to soak up harmful spills on the carpet before they can reach the floor underneath.

Resistance To Pressure

Heavy furniture and rough walk can damage the delicate surface of a tile floor and roughen up its polished texture. Durahold keeps this from happening. Being dense and thick, Durahold rug pads provide the bulk necessary to resist pressure from furniture, no matter how heavy. They also keep the tiled floor from sustaining any damage through persistent foot traffic.

Eco-Friendly Rug Pads

Durahold rug pads are made from environmentally friendly materials that are organic, non-polluting and hypoallergenic. Durahold does not pose any health risks. It is moth, mould and mildew resistant and does not give off any bad odour, even if damp. This rug pad conforms to strict environmental standards and it certifies to a greener environment. Durahold is an ideal accessory for a green and healthy home.

tilefloorwithrugpadThis quality is reassuring for homeowners, as many low grade rug pads available in markets cause allergies and wear out quickly. Durahold rug pads do not need regular care or cleaning and last a long time. This frees homeowners from constantly having to repair and replace rug pads. Being low-maintenance, Durahold gives a good service over a long time. Taking into account the range of benefits they provide, Durahold rug pads are fast becoming highly demanded home accessories. Many homeowners are shifting to buying Durahold as an upgrade from regular rug pads, as they ensure greater protection, comfort and safety of the home and family.

Natural Rubber Rug Pads

Most rug pads that are bought by homeowners are unsafe simply because they are made from dangerous materials. Buying them does keep the rug stuck to the floor and it functions well enough, but in the long run it turns out to be a dangerous element. Plastics and other dangerous adhesives make it more of a hazard in the home than anything else.

natural rubber padsRug pads are supposed to keep the home safe for children and adults alike. They keep a firm grip on the rugs so they don’t slip off and keep them from wearing out too fast. Some are made from organic materials that are safe from chemicals and glue. Others are not. Buying the proper rug pad can mean the difference between harming the flooring and rug or keeping it safe. A natural rubber rug pad is the best answer for buying a rug pad that is both functional and safe.

What is a Rubber Rug Pad?

While making rug pads that have a good hold, manufacturers make rug pads into the shape of a ‘mesh’. This looks like a usual rubber pad, but it is not. A rubber rug pad is made in a criss cross mesh design to provide optimum grip. It is not chemically treated and made from a 100% tree rubber. This is why, more often than not, it will be of a green colour. This literally makes it a natural product to use in the homes and safe for everyone involved.

Benefits of a Rubber Rug Pad

The benefits of a rubber rug pad are many. It can be easily washed, dried and reused. It is low maintenance and has excellent grip. Other ways it helps the rug are listed below.

rubber padsNon Slip

–Since it is made from a highly durable and not easy to break the material, the rubber can have a great hold on all sorts of rugs. It can hold the rug in place and keep it from gripping, just like the bottom of a sneaker. The mesh is designed to keep the pad from slipping under pressure and taking up as much space as it can to protect the rug. Protection – The rubber rug pad offered a good protection to both protection and shock. Since it is so durable, it can take the pressure of furniture and being walked on easily. The rug will be protected and the rubber won’t break under the demanding weight added on it.


–A rubber rug pad is safe for all floors. It keeps a good hold on everything from concrete to marble and keeps the rugs firmly in place. However, since it is rubber, it is not recommended for heated floors. Even though the heating on the floors is moderate, the rubber will still stand a risk of melting and sticking to the floor and rug if kept on it for too long.


natural rubber pads–Since it is a rubber rug pad, it is mildly comfortable. Under the rug, it will provide a good cushioning and lets furniture sit on it without breaking.

Natural rubber rug pads are the best in design for all sorts of flooring, except heated ones. They have a good hold on the rug and they have the best in anti slip technology. Their durability is immense and they can even stretch up to a certain limit before breaking. The user should be aware of plastic and other dangerous materials made in mesh to replace the rubber rug pads, but the one thing that gives them away is the softness. The rubber rug pad has a softness and elasticity to it that makes it an easy-to-use and easy-to-keep item in the household.

Rug Pads For Vinyl Floors

Vinyl floors are very durable and can last a long time with the right amount of care, maintenance and upkeep. While resilient, vinyl flooring can easily sustain damage through stains or moisture, and so needs a good brand of protection to ensure the floor retains its texture and looks.

vinylflooringMany rug pads have emerged in the market that can give your vinyl floor that extra layer of protection it requires. However, most rug pads are made from low quality and third rate materials that can end up damaging your carpet and marring your floor. As a homeowner, what you need is a premium quality rug pad that will give top-notch value to your home. Durahold rug pads are becoming quite trendy and popular among homeowners these days. Durahold is a top brand that makes highly effective and durable rug pads offering home a whole range of benefits.

Best Protection For Flooring

Durahold works well with vinyl floors. It creates a buffer between your carpet and floor, thereby ensuring the carpet does not wear against the floor. This keeps the vinyl surface from damage. Vinyl flooring can get easily stained and discoloured by any moisture or liquid spillage. Durahold rug pad also acts as a sponging agent, soaking up any stains, colours and dyes on the carpet or accidental water spills before they can inflict marring or damage on the floor.

vinylflooringWithstands Heavy Pressure

Vinyl is sensitive and can get impaired from foot traffic or heavy furniture. A Durahold rug pad is heavy, dense and compact, and is able to provide the necessary bulk to endure pressure from the heaviest furniture and footsteps. This ensures that your vinyl floor remains safe from external sources of damage.

Keep Rugs From Slipping

If a carpet is not properly secured, it will constantly wear against the floor, leading to disintegration of the vinyl texture. Durahold rug pads are very helpful in providing a strong grip to hold your rug or carpet in place. They exert strong pressure on the carpet effectively restraining it in its position so it does not roll or move about the place. This keeps the carpet from wearing against the floor and in this way, prolongs the lifespan of both your carpet and floor.

Added Protection And Cushioning

Being bulky and dense, Durahold rug pad will enhance cushioning support for your vinyl floor, making it more hardy and resilient. This aspect makes Durahold an ideal rug pad to place in high traffic areas like living rooms and bedrooms. Durahold also adds to your home’s protection. As vinyl has a rather hard surface, this can make walking on the floor uncomfortable. Placing a Durahold rug pad on the vinyl surface will take care of this issue. Durahold is thick and compact, and adds to the volume of the carpet. This gives a softer and more comfortable floor surface to walk on. In addition, Durahold keeps your carpet flattened and smooth. This greatly reduces the danger of tripping and falling over uneven surfaces. For this reason, Durahold is the preferred choice for lining sensitive areas like children’s bedrooms, kitchens and bathrooms.

vinylflooringConsidering their strength and resilience, Durahold rug pads are the best type of protective padding for your vinyl floor. Many homeowners have switched over to Durahold as they are confident in the superior value of these rug pads. These rug pads come with many rave reviews and acclaims from top home experts owning to the quality and durability of their service. Durahold is fully eco-friendly and biodegradable and will not cause any harm to your vinyl floor.