Heat Pressed Rug Pads

heatpressflooringAt the end of a lengthy manufacturing, a rug pad is infused together, made stronger by use of powerful adhesives. This keeps the rug pad safe from breaking and lets it last longer. However, it also has the threat of the glue melting or sticking to the floor or rug and damaging the property once it is bought. Buying a well infused rug pad is a tempting offer. To have it last for years without breaking is a dream come true.

But most companies often forget that the chemicals used to make the rug pad durable can harm the consumer. The glue and chemicals to bond the pad are not visible. They stay in the air and dust. Since the people closest to the floor and dust are children, it is them who the chemical affects most. It is undetectable as a threat, so most people never know what is causing skin irritation or other serious problems.

Durahold rug pads are safe from this sort of treatment. There are several ways to keep a rug pad from breaking apart and giving it a longer life. Most of the processes used involve chemicals and what not. But there is one that is common when safety is the primary concern for all users. Heat pressing is a much better option than using adhesives. It not only melds together the fibres in a rug pad, it is also free from chemicals and adhesives that cause harm to people.

What does Heat Pressing Mean?

rugpadsWhen a rug pad is being made, it is needle punched to make the fibres compress and form the pad. This process is completed, and the next step would be to make sure the fibres don’t break. This is where companies often use chemicals to fuse the fibres together. But to avoid this, heat pressed rug pads use a different technique. Heat pressing is like putting the rug pad under a large iron. The product is essentially ironed and kept under intense heat to have the fibres press together and remain firmly joined.

Benefits of a Heat Pressed Rug Pad:

One of the major benefits of a heat pressed rug pad is that it does not release chemicals. Since no dangerous adhesives are used in the manufacturing there is no danger of it releasing dangerous fumes into the atmosphere. On felt and rubber rug pads, chemicals are sprayed to keep them from breaking. They are painted with glue so that the felt and rubber stick together without breaking. Once the glue dries, it is predicted that the two will keep sticking together. However, that is not often the case. Elements like the weather and indoor atmosphere eventually loosens the hold of the glue and the rug pad breaks part. With a heat pressed rug pad, the rubber is pressed into the felt, creating a permanent bond. This does not break apart, even on heated floorings since it it permanently fused together.

rugpadsHeat pressed rug pads are often rarely found. Since they are slightly more expensive than ones that use glue, manufacturers and buyers both buy the adhesive induced ones. They are simply an easier buy. Durahold rug pads care about homes more than other companies. They make sure that the product bought is safe for the environment. Making products that are safe in materials, manufacturing and functioning, the rug pads designed will always be better than those sold on a mass scale. Each is made with the care and specifications that benefit the user. A heat pressed rug pad will last longer than other rug pads simply because it will last longer. It is more durable and healthier than the other choices and once put in the home, will last for years without wearing down.