Are Rug Pads Necessary

rugpadSince rug pads are hidden from view, people do not think they are important. This is a common mistake people make, thinking that their rugs are safe from wear and tear and other forms of harm. A good rug pad must never be taken for granted. It is an important part of the household and adds safety to floors. They play an important role of adding an element of comfort to the rug. There are a necessary part of the carpeting in the home and decrease the danger of falling or slipping over the rug. Some of the ways a Durahold rug pad helps are simple, others are more complicated. When considering buying a rug pad, it is important to know the details about them and how best to get the optimum product.

Why buy a Rug Pad?

The reasons for buying a rug pad are simple. They extend the life of a rug and keep it from getting damaged. It is easy to see why it is needed and if not there are a few points that can help.


–Rugs create friction between themselves and the floor. The heavier the rug is the more the friction will be and eventually this will start wearing down the floor and the rug itself. With darker, heavier rugs this is a definite threat, so buying a rug pad to place underneath is a protective precaution all users can take.

underpadExtends life of Rug

–The proper rug pad does a wonderful job of keeping the rugs safe from harm. They keep them clean, since they are held up by the pad and take the pressure from them. It depends on the amount of traffic passing over the rug, but the pad will make sure to keep the rug safe from wear and tear. Since it holds it in place, the rug will not bend or wrinkle.


–A Rug sitting alone on a cold marble or tiled floor ultimately becomes uncomfortable. Especially in the cold weather, people tend to walk to the rug when they are barefoot to escape the cold floor. With a rug pad underneath the rug will not only insulate the heat and keep it warm, it will also act as a cushion of sorts. The rug will be kept from taking too much weight and not get rubbed between the floor and a hard surface, and the user will have a soft place to sit on.

Lessens danger of slipping

–With a rug placed on hard floors and nothing else the danger of slipping or tripping over a curled edge is imminent. Since nothing is keeping the rug in place, any sort of pressure can cause it to slip and slide. On a polished floor surface this is the most dangerous thing a buyer can do. A rug pad placed underneath will give it a good grip. The rug will not slide off with a small nudge or cause the rug to bunch up and cause tripping hazards. To prevent slipping over an unanchored rug, a rug pad is an important purchase.


rugpadding–A rug pad offers good ventilation between the rug and the floor. It doesn’t let any dust or crumbs get under the rug so vacuuming it becomes easier. All the user has to do is lift the edge of the rug a little to see all the mess it has kept from hiding beneath the rug. Living without a rug pad while there are rugs in the house is a little strange. The rug will move on the floor with the slightest push of a foot or furniture, it will lose its colour and the floors can become damaged by the excessive push and pull of the rug. Getting a rug pad will keep it stationary and safe and make the home a rug friendly zone.

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