Rug Pads for Concrete Floors

concretefloorrugpadsRugs can add warmth and softness to concrete floors, just like it adds color to them. It gives a better outlook to the otherwise cold floor and it makes the whole place look domesticated. Concrete floors are harsh and unyielding, so adding a rug to it will keep them from looking that way. They soften the appearance of the room and overall atmosphere.

Rugs are designed for polished floors and smooth surfaces. Placing one on a cemented floor can add an element of freshness to the room, but it can also damage the rug itself. The hard surface of the concrete is not as forgiving as others. Marble and tile tend to use a firm grip rug pad, but concrete floors ask for durability.

Rug Pads from Concrete Flooring:

concretefloorSince the rough surface of the concrete will tear conventional rug pads, a thicker pad is needed to help them keep from breaking apart. Mostly, concrete floors are found in the basement, which have the tendency tocollect moisture. It is important to use a proper rug pad for such an environment. There are a variety of Durahold rug pads available, but the best rug pad for this type is the recycled jute rug pad.

When looking for a rug pad, it is important to know what kind of material the pad is made of. This is important because it will affect the overall performance of the pad and how long your rug will last. There are many synthetic jute rug pads in the market, available at low prices. They are not suitable for concrete floorings, even though they are of good quality. A recycled rug pad has no rubber or plastic in them and is made from recycled fibres like nylon and wool.This helps the jute rug pad to become resistant to mildew and hard surfaces. Since a concrete floor is very hard, the best rug pads not only keep a firm grip on the floor, they protect the rug as well.

Since the back of the rug is always rubbing against the hard floor when it is stepped on, the rug pad helps take the pressure and shock, away. It cushions the rug and prevents premature wearing as well as keep it from slipping. The best in jute rug pads are the ones that are thick and dense. Their softness and their broad borders provide ample padding for the rug and since it is made from coarse fibre, it won’t wear easily. It also adds to the comfort of the rug in general.

concretewithrugpadsA recycled and of good quality rug pad will last up to fifteen years if cared for properly. But there are others that contain PVC plastics that tend to melt into the concrete and prone to mildew and mould. In addition, they tend to absorb moisture and cause the pad to crack and break. If it is not the proper kind then it is prone to a short life span and bad performance. Knowing what kind of Duraholdrug pads are best for various floors, is imperative. If the right type is bought; the one designed for the proper floor, it will last for years.

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