5 Useful Tips For Identifying A Suitable Carpet Cleaning Firm

Selecting the most appropriate carpet cleaning company that is also capable of delivering on the aspect of quality goes beyond browsing through the phone book. Even performing online searches might not be as helpful. Carpeting is one of the most valued asset of a home; therefore, it is imperative that you enlist the services of an experienced specialist who has the capacity to complete the task perfectly. The tips outlined below will make it easier for you to identify a renowned carpet cleaning firm.

Consider Cleaning Procedures

Homeowners have a number of cleaning methods to choose from. Some firms may choose to use the wet cleaning procedure which takes long to dry while other companies opt for dry treatments which allow family members to walk on the carpet the moment cleaning procedures are completed. Some treatment methods are done with the help of strong cleaning chemicals whereas the more gentle options are performed using steam together with eco-friendly cleaning agents. Therefore, hire a company that uses your preferred cleaning method while taking into consideration your family and home requirements.


Do Some Research On Prospective Companies

Do some background checks on prospective companies prior to making a hire decision. You can talk with some of your friends or relatives. Read online reviews as well. Some good reviews can be found on the site: Angie’s List. After you have identified several companies in your location, ask past customers to give you references. This allows you to determine whether past clients were happy with the cleaning services or not.

Do Not Settle On the Lowest Priced Provider

Although there is always the urge to save some money, carpet cleaning is something that should never be compromised. A company that quotes the lowest prices for cleaning services could easily offer substandard services. Some companies quote low prices just to land the contract. Once they are hired, they will identify additional issues and put in every effort to upsell more costly services. For this reason, it is advisable for a homeowner to consider the aspect of quality first since price is a secondary consideration.

Inquire About Extra Services

The price normally advertised while people shop around for carpet cleaning services is only a base price. Additional services tend to cost more. So, you need to inquire about additional services and the cost implications.

While calling various carpet cleaning companies, find out the additional services provided for the price quoted. Will your chosen cleaning services provider move furniture? Will they take time to properly clean high-traffic regions? Are there additional costs for cleaning the stairs? Prior to making a hire decision, ask questions.

Consider Staff Members

By hiring carpet cleaners, you are allowing strangers to gain access into your home. Therefore, hire a service provider that thoroughly screens employees while recruiting. A reliable carpet cleaning company will always take responsibility and do everything within their powers to make amends in case their employees damage your belongings while cleaning.

10 Amazing Tips to Buy The Best Rug Pad

Buying rug pads can be quite confusing for a lot of people because of the plethora of options there are in the market. On the one hand there are cheap qualities that claim extensive durability, while on the other hand, there are those that claim to be a bit expensive but offer great comfort. Which one makes the best option for you is what this article will help you with.
•    Know Your Priorities – buying a certain rug pad is as much a personal choice as it is determined by any other factor. You may want a plush treatment to your new oriental rug, or you might want just the most basic rug pad for your kitchen rug. Thus, it depends on your priorities as to the purpose you need to for.
5-x-8-premium-hold-3-8-thick-non-slip-rug-pad-safe-for-all-floors_l_500x500 •    Keep the Budget in Mind – there are expensive as well as cheap varieties in the market. Many will lure you into buying them because of their utility, durability, etc. but will be dear. Know how much your budget allows you to spend on a rug pad and stick you the side that sells those in your budget or cheaper variants of it. You do not want to end up spending more.
•    Are you socially responsible? – this is another question you may want to ask yourself before opting for rug pads for hardwood floors or any other type. If you are the conscientious type and believe on buying environmentally friendly products, this is another thing you need to ensure when buying a rug pad. There are many green options available that have been certified by some of the most reliable organizations. Make sure you read the label properly though.
•    Where is the rug placed? – while this may sound irrelevant, it isn’t. The place where the rug is determines the kind of rug pad you may be looking for. If it is in the bedroom, you may want to go for a thick padding that ensures enough cushioning for the rug to be used comfortably as a sitting area. If it’s in the kid’s room, you would want it to be non-toxic and made of natural fibers. Moreover, it also needs to be thick especially if your baby crawls or if your toddler loves to play with his/her toys. At the same time if the rug is in your corridor or hallway, you might want a thin rug pad to avoid accidents involving people falling because of the sudden protrusion.
•    Climatic Factor – your rug pad can also be a great way to keep your indoors cool or warm according to the climate of your area. If you live in a warmer region, getting a thin rug pad would be ideal as it will insulate the least amount of heat. However, if you live in a colder region, getting a thick rug pad would be ideal as it will help the rug insulate more heat and keep your rooms warm.
•    The Size of the Rug Pad – you might think that you need to buy a rug pad that has the exact dimensions of your rug but it is untrue. Always buy a rug pad that is an inch smaller on all sides. This enables the rug itself to drop to the floor and keep people from falling over or tripping. The use of this tactic will also ensure that the rug doesn’t fray, increasing its life.
rugpad2•    The Type of Floor – the thickness of the rug pad depends on the type of floor you have the rug on as well. If you have a hard floor, for instance that of wood or concrete, you will require a thicker rug pad. This will ensure that the real purpose of the rug is fulfilled: a comfortable walk on the rug that is warm and easy. Thus know the kind of floor you have and buy rug pads for hardwood floors accordingly.
•    Perfect Candidates for Hardwood Floors – the major issue as far as hardwood floors are concerned is that they are prone to get scratched easily. Any substance like rubber latex will easily leave ugly lines on the floor. Thus, make sure the material of the rug pad does not cause it. Jute is an excellent solution in this case. There are other options available to choose from in the market as well.
•    Is the rug placed over a carpeted floor? – you might wonder why you need rug padding when there carpet base provide with a reasonable friction and there is no danger of slipping. The use of a rug pad on a carpeted flooring is even more important because the rug may fold and the dye of the rug may seep into the carpet leaving an ugly stain, especially if the carpet is a shade lighter than that of the rug. To avoid that get an adhesive that is coated by polyester fabric. This will ensure no mix of dyes and keep your carpet as good as new.
•    Is your floor slippery? – while concrete provides friction, floors such as hardwood, tiles, etc. can prove to be very slippery. Thus, when buying a rug pad, make sure it has anti-slip qualities. While you want to add to the aesthetics of your room, you don’t want your rug to end up as a hazard.
You might not realize how complicated buying a rug pad is. But when you are invest in a household item, however small it is, thinking through and weighing the pros and cons always helps you make the best decisions. These are just some of the tips that will help you do the same. Happy rug pad shopping!

Rug Pads for Heated Floors

Everyone wants a good, durable and non slip rug pad in their homes. They want their floors to be adorned without risk of damage to their floor or their carpet. There are certain rug pads that are designed to withstand heated floors and do not contain chemicals that melt on the floor. They do not release fumes that some other rug pads do since they are made from 100% rubber and felt.
Rug pads designed for heated floors can be placed under any type of rug.
The rug pad will protect the floor without sticking to it and keep the rug safe. Natural rubber and felt are materials that are safe for heated floors. The two materials are so dense they will prevent damage to the floors.
These rug pads are not only safe and non RugBuddy-DMslip, they are also free from glue. When a rug pad uses glue to help it stick, the glue will melt and ruin your floors. It will leave an irremovable impression on the floor polish beneath it once it is removed.
Durahold rug pads are made to withstand stress and pressure of any kind. Unless it is placed on the hot air vent, or deliberately damaged, the rug pad will last for the consumer for a very long time. Since these rug pads are not sprayed with preserving adhesives, it will not stick to the heated floor under it.
Premium Grip rug pads:
Premium Grip Rug pads are one of the best. These not only have a good grip on the surface, they can endure more heat than others. They are not chemically 9f24feae0f3de257f6eef281201eadadtreated; the felt and rubber used on them are recycled and 100% percent natural. These rug pads are designed to be both durable and noise resistant. Add the feature of it being able to stand against heated floors and it’s a winner.
Rug pads for Heated Flooring
If the product is faulty, the rug pad is prone to melting. Unless a 100% felt or rubber – felt mix is not used, the rug pad will disintegrate over time. In places where the heat and humidity is high, the rug pad material will dissolve into the floors and stain them.
To prevent this damage, especially with heated floors, there are a few easy things you can do.
Apply the rug pad on the heated floor at least three weeks after the finishing has been done. This is to prevent even the slightest chance of the finish giving under or melding with the rug pad.
Since the floor is heated, you must never place the rug pad on an air vent or close to it. This will cause the durability of the rug pad to decrease. Over time, the heat from the vents will melt the rubber or make the felt stick together when the heat is turned off.
For radiant or heated floors, you have to be careful of the brand you use. These rug pads give you authentic materials that have not gone through any treatment. The Durahold rug pad is not only non slip; it will give the best hold without risk of damaging the floor.
Rug pads can save your rugs and floor from damage. It keeps the rugs floored so that anyone walking or running over it will not be in any sort of harm and you can have a safe place for your daily routine.

How Long do Rug Pads Last

rugpadChoosing a good rug pad can make a huge difference to the way a rug holds up in the home. It will be less susceptible to damage and tearing. People know little about rug padding since not a lot of people use it. They do not know how long it lasts or what damages it. The different materials used to make a rug pad affect how long the pad will perform before it withers and breaks. Some last longer than others when made from the right materials while others simply wither away. To get familiar with rug pads and how long they last, knowledge of the materials that are used to make them is important.

Popular Materials and Durability:

The most popular materials used to make rug pads are often the ones that last the longest. The following materials are used to make the most rug pads and their durability is dependent on these materials.


rubberrugpads–Rubber padding is of two kinds. One is made from plant oils and is organic. This is a healthy form of rubber and it gives a good grip on the floor as well as the rug. It had been around for a shorter amount of time if compared to the other conventional rubber. Conventional rubber is less used these days and not as popular as the other materials. However, they are better at handling wear and tear and have a capacity to last for ten to twenty years if used properly.


rebondrugpads–This is the most popular in terms of rug pads. Rebond is a collection of foams that have been bonded together after being recycled. Heat-pressed together, they contain no form of glue or dangerous chemicals. It is strong in terms of durability and can handle the weight and pressure well. It can last for ten years once placed under the rug. However, the amount of traffic passing over the rug itself and the furniture placed on it will affect its lifespan.


–urethanepadsThe most preferred and used rug padding is made from Urethane. It provides a thick, durable layer beneath the rug. The hold on this padding is better than rubber and rebond pads because it is sprayed with adhesives. However, this kind of extra grip with the use of adhesives comes with a price.The rug pad has been chemically treated to make it last longer, between fifteen to twenty years. People do prefer a longer life of the product, but it is a dangerous pad to have in your homeas the chemicals are injurious to health.


feltpads–Felt is a simple rug pad and is usually placed beneath delicate carpets because it is so fine. Unlike the ones used on cement floors, this is a lighter pad that gives a soft protection to handmade carpets and rugs. Felt pads last relatively shorter than others, starting to wear out by the end of five years. High performance in terms of rug pads, is desired by everyone who buys them. The padding is expected to work well and keep the floors and rugs safe. Eventually they do wear out but with regular care and washing they can last much longer.

Heat Pressed Rug Pads

heatpressflooringAt the end of a lengthy manufacturing, a rug pad is infused together, made stronger by use of powerful adhesives. This keeps the rug pad safe from breaking and lets it last longer. However, it also has the threat of the glue melting or sticking to the floor or rug and damaging the property once it is bought. Buying a well infused rug pad is a tempting offer. To have it last for years without breaking is a dream come true.

But most companies often forget that the chemicals used to make the rug pad durable can harm the consumer. The glue and chemicals to bond the pad are not visible. They stay in the air and dust. Since the people closest to the floor and dust are children, it is them who the chemical affects most. It is undetectable as a threat, so most people never know what is causing skin irritation or other serious problems.

Durahold rug pads are safe from this sort of treatment. There are several ways to keep a rug pad from breaking apart and giving it a longer life. Most of the processes used involve chemicals and what not. But there is one that is common when safety is the primary concern for all users. Heat pressing is a much better option than using adhesives. It not only melds together the fibres in a rug pad, it is also free from chemicals and adhesives that cause harm to people.

What does Heat Pressing Mean?

rugpadsWhen a rug pad is being made, it is needle punched to make the fibres compress and form the pad. This process is completed, and the next step would be to make sure the fibres don’t break. This is where companies often use chemicals to fuse the fibres together. But to avoid this, heat pressed rug pads use a different technique. Heat pressing is like putting the rug pad under a large iron. The product is essentially ironed and kept under intense heat to have the fibres press together and remain firmly joined.

Benefits of a Heat Pressed Rug Pad:

One of the major benefits of a heat pressed rug pad is that it does not release chemicals. Since no dangerous adhesives are used in the manufacturing there is no danger of it releasing dangerous fumes into the atmosphere. On felt and rubber rug pads, chemicals are sprayed to keep them from breaking. They are painted with glue so that the felt and rubber stick together without breaking. Once the glue dries, it is predicted that the two will keep sticking together. However, that is not often the case. Elements like the weather and indoor atmosphere eventually loosens the hold of the glue and the rug pad breaks part. With a heat pressed rug pad, the rubber is pressed into the felt, creating a permanent bond. This does not break apart, even on heated floorings since it it permanently fused together.

rugpadsHeat pressed rug pads are often rarely found. Since they are slightly more expensive than ones that use glue, manufacturers and buyers both buy the adhesive induced ones. They are simply an easier buy. Durahold rug pads care about homes more than other companies. They make sure that the product bought is safe for the environment. Making products that are safe in materials, manufacturing and functioning, the rug pads designed will always be better than those sold on a mass scale. Each is made with the care and specifications that benefit the user. A heat pressed rug pad will last longer than other rug pads simply because it will last longer. It is more durable and healthier than the other choices and once put in the home, will last for years without wearing down.

Tips To Buy The Best Rug Pad

Why Buy A Rug Pad?

buythebestrugpadRug pads offers homeowners many benefits. A rug pad can be placed on the underside of a carpet or rug, right above the floor. This is beneficial for both carpet and floor. The rug pad prevents your carpet from slipping around the room and keeps it locked in its position so it does not lose its texture and consistency over time. It also prevents carpet fibres from fraying with time, thereby enhancing carpet lifespan.

The rug pad acts as a buffer, keeping your carpet from wearing against the floor. Many floors like hardwood, ceramic, marble and tile are expensive and delicate, which means they sustain damage from the slightest stain or liquid spillage. The rug pad soaks up any moisture or liquid before it can deface your flooring. As the rug pad gives so many advantages to your home, it is important to give a lot of thought into buying one for your carpet.

Buy Best Quality Rug Pads

It is important to buy superior rug pads. You will come across many brands of rug pads in the market, but a lot of these are cheap and third rate, wearing away easily and needing regular cleaning and repair. Find a good and reliable brand, even if it may be more expensive than alternative rug pads. You will be better off buying a costly rug pad that will give you reliable service and last a long time.

Compatibility With Flooring

The rug pad you choose must work well with your floor type. Some padding may not be compatible with finishings like hardwood, ceramic or acrylic. For instance, PVC rug pads do not work with some hardwood finishes, like luxury vinyl or lacquer. Make sure to buy one that is suitable for your flooring, otherwise it may end up damaging the floor.

Avoid Synthetic Rug Pads

rugpadGo for organic and eco-friendly rug pads instead of synthetic padding. Artificial rug pads are often treated with factory chemicals and additives that could wear out the carpet fabric and deface your floor. Biodegradable rug pads do not inflict any damage on either your floor or carpet.

Determine The Pressure

Rug pads will vary with the type of function they will be performing in your home. If you are placing the rug pad in a high traffic area or a room with heavy furniture, buy a thicker rug pad for extra protection and enhanced comfort. Thick rug pads like felt or rubber are ideal if you have a large family with small kids. If your room is not regularly used or has light furniture, a thinner rug pad may be sufficient for your needs.

Size Of Carpet Or Rug

The type of rug pad you buy will vary with the size of your carpet. Buy felt rug pads for large area rugs. These are thick, sturdy and dense, and provide a good buffer between your floor and carpet. For small rugs and carpets, go for a natural rubber rug pad as it offers a firm, non-slip grip and goes well with all floor types.

Climate And Weather Conditions

buyrugpadsIf you live in a humid area, natural rubber rug pads are your best option. These rug pads do not to the floor or carpet, unlike PVC rug pads. Natural rubber works well in humid climates and does not retain damp, unlike vinyl or PVC padding that could cause discoloration on your flooring. The best rug pad is one that is compatible with both your carpet and floor, and keeps them from damage and deterioration. Buy a rug pad that will best suit your individual home requirements.

Rug Pads for Persian Rugs

Most people tend to think of rug pads as unnecessary purchases. When they buy a rug they bypass the pad completely. They often put the rug in place without knowing of how much damage they can cause without the pad. Without the rug pad, the rug tends to slip and slide. Often it wrinkles and wears down faster than it would if a rug pad is placed beneath it and ends up with cracks in the beautiful patterns in it. Since Persian rugs are delicate, more intricately made than others and are often open to damage, they tend to wear down quickly. Since they are handmade, moving them around too much will loosen the knots at the end, under the rug. This knot keeps the entire rug whole. Once it is opened, the whole rug will slacken. Although they are hidden from view beneath the rugs, rug pads are extremely important. They hold the rug in place. This keeps the delicately made rug from sliding around; often bunching up while someone walks over them in the absence of a rug pad. Once that happens, it weakens the fibres and creates splits on the rug.

How to Buy a Rug Pad for Persian Carpets:

persianrugsDurahold rug pads make the carpet surface comfortable to walk on as well since they provide good padding. So, when buying one, it is essential to know what one is looking for. Compare – If the perfect rug pad is desired, the materials used to make them should be noted. What materials are best for your floor or carpet is a knowledge every buyer should have. Durahold rug pads also come in a variety made from polyurethane foam. This is commonly known as Rebond because it is manufactured from pieces of foam, recycled and bonded together. These give the carpet a good grip and keep it from sliding off and slipping. The foam keeps the carpet from wrinkling and cushions it so that the pressure is taken by the pad rather than the carpet itself. This is ideal for the Persian rug.

Choose – If one does not have a certain thickness in mind, then finding out the correct thickness for a Persian rug is a priority. Commercially, softer and thinner rug pads work best for a Persian carpet. It has to be cut to fit beneath it so the typical size would have to be a 1 inch thickness. This protects the rug and does not raise it too high to create a tripping hazard.


–Pick the pad that is perfect for a home. Keep in mind who lives in the home and what dangers they provide to the floor and carpet. If the home has pets, a moisture guard rug pad will be best in case they wet the carpet. If there are toddlers that tend to stain the carpet and pad, an easy wash and waterproof pad is ideal. No matter what the need, there is always a rug pad that fits.

Installing the Rug Pad:

installingrugpadsTo put a rug pad in place, one has to know what to do. They are simple and easy tips that can be done by everyone without problems. Measuring the rug that needs the padding placed underneath is the first step. The rug pad has to be two inches shorter than the rug itself. This is to keep it from getting caught in the heel of a shoe and become a tripping hazard. The rug needs to be placed in the area chosen. Drawing a line around the edges makes sure there is no mistake when putting the rug pad in and line the edges with soft glue. The rug pad should rest on it till it has dried. Once done, the carpet is placed on top and settled for a perfect, safe Persian decoration for the home.


Best Rug Pads For Hardwood Floors

hardwoodflooringAny homeowner that has hardwood floors installed knows how much care and maintenance these floors require. They are not only expensive to set up, but they are highly sensitive. Solid hardwood flooring can be easily marred or defaced by moisture or by the action of carpet wearing. What homeowners need is a good way to protect hardwood floors from disfigurement. Durahold rug pads are emerging as a very popular way to safeguard both your carpet and your hardwood floor and ensure their longevity. Here are some ways in which such rug pads benefit homes.

Prevents Carpet Wearing And Moisture Seepage

These rug pads offer excellent protection to sensitive hardwood floor. Being thick, they add an extra layer of material that keeps your carpet from constantly wearing against the floor. This ensures that your flooring is not impaired over time and retains its looks over a long time. In addition, this rug pad keeps your floor from getting marred via moisture. Carpets are porous materials, and so any liquid spills, carpet dyes or paints can soak through minuscule holes in the carpet and down to the floor underneath. Placing a rug pad beneath your carpet will prevent moisture from seeping through and destroying the hardwood floor.This makes such rug pads ideal for your child’s bedroom and nursery as well as rooms like bathrooms and kitchen where there is added danger of liquid spillage.

Averts Pressure From Heavy Furniture

Placing furniture on the carpet means a lot of pressure is being exerted on both the floor and the carpet. This pressure can cause holes in expensive carpets and disfigure sensitive hardwood floors. Being 48 ounces thick, a Durahold rug pad keeps even the heaviest furniture from denting the floor. It ensures your floor remains safe, and you are able to place any type of furniture on the carpet without worrying it may cause disfigurement.

furnituresonrugpadsProvide Comfort And Prevent Trip Hazards

Hardwood floors can sustain damage from rough walks as well as tripping. Placing a Durahold rug pad underneath your carpet will help to avoid damage through these actions. Being dense and compact, this padding will ensure a thicker and more comfortable walk, thereby reducing the risk of tripping. Being made from soft material, it also makes for a more comfortable walk on the carpet, and this way it will give protection to delicate flooring.

Eco-friendly raw materials give added protection

These rug pads are made from finest solid natural rubber, whereas most other rug pads contain sprayed latex or synthetic rubber. Natural rubber is eco-friendly and does not pose any harm to your floor. It is compatible with all types of fragile flooring, and are excellent for use with hardwood. Natural rubber rug pads offer a sturdy grip to carpets and do not stick to floors.

hardwoodflooringYour hardwood floor is a valuable home investment that will last a long time, provided you expend the care and effort it requires. Placing Durahold rug pads underneath hardwood floors will protect them from damage through staining, dents, discolouring and scratches and for this reason they are a good asset for any home.


Installation and Care of a Rug Pad

Buying a rug pad is easy. All a buyer has to do is go to the nearest outlet, choose the one they want and get it. If it is in stock, they can buy is right then and there. If it is not, then they have to order the size and shape they want and the company often has them custom made. Either way, the rug pad will be brought home safely wrapped and ready to use. There is nothing left for the user to do other than unpack it, find a place to put it down and set it beneath the carpet. It is an easy process, no help required once the user knows what to do and how to do it.

rugpadinstallInstalling a Rug Pad:

Installation and care for a rug pad is very easy. Normally, when a rug pad is bought, it is already rolled up and packed, already down like it should be. It is just a case of unrolling it and placing it where it is needed. If the rug pad is not already packed the way it has t be placed down, there are easy steps to know which side touches the rug and which sticks to the floor.


–All felt rug pads have a smooth and a fuzzy side. The fuzzier side helps it stick to the ground and the smoother side keeps the rug on top. The answer to this is simple enough. Placing the fuzzier side needs to be placed on the floor, then the rug has to be placed directly on top so it has a good hold. Other than a few inches cut off so the pad is not visible, the rug has to be in complete alignment with the pad. This might take a few tries but in the end it will settle the way the user wants.

Felt and Rubber

Felt and rubber rug pads are different on both sides. To keep a firm grip on the rug, the felt side stays on top while the rubber side goes down to stick against the floor. It will leave no marks or imprints but it will keep the rug in place.


–Since foam is thicker than felt or rubber it does not matter what side is placed on top or stays on the floor. Rebond is an easy to use multipurpose material that holds well on both sides.

careforrugpadsCaring for the Rug Pad:

Durahold rug pads are easy to take care of. They require little maintenance and are generally a less problematic addition to the home. To take care of the rug pad all one needs is a little soap and water or a vacuum cleaner. If something is dropped on the rug, all the buyer has to do is blot it out. If it stains, then a mild detergent and a sponge is enough to clean the surface of the rug pad. It air dries so there is no real hassle. Once in a while it might need to be vacuumed. Just lifting the rug off and sweeping over the surface or running the vacuum cleaner is enough for that.

A rug pad does tend to wear like a rug. So rotation is important. To try and prevent it from damaging, the rug pad needs to be rotated, perhaps once a year. Two people can pick it up, switch it about and place it back on the floor where it was. Little harms a rug pad. It is a durable, user friendly invention that is easy to use and easy to install. All the user has to do is unroll and let the rug settle on it. It is quick and simple; making the homes safe in a few steps.

Rug Pads For Tile Floors

tileflooringTile floors are extremely durable home investments that will last a long time, provided you expend the necessary care and effort to help preserve their value and appearance. One way to protect tile floors is to use a Durahold rug pad. Durahold can be placed underneath your carpet, ensuring protection for both carpet and floor. This rug pad is gaining a lot of attention from home experts and homeowners alike owing to the vast benefits they provide for homes.

A Strong Grip For Carpets

An improperly placed carpet will keep slipping around and wear against your tile floor, which will eventually mar the floor’s delicate texture. Durahold helps you avoid this possibility. It keeps a firm grip on the carpet and keeps it from wearing against the floor. This way, Durahold ensures your floor retains its looks and structure over a long time.

Enhanced Comfort And Protection

Tile floors often have slippery and hard surfaces, that might them uncomfortable and rough to walk. Durahold has a thick and dense consistency and adds volume to the carpet. This makes for a softer, comfier and safer floor surface to walk or sit on. Durahold also holds the carpet tightly so it does not slip or roll around. It keeps the carpet even and flat under pressure from heavy footsteps. This reduces the hazard of tripping and falling. For this reason, Durahold is a good rug pad to line carpets in children’s bedrooms for added safety and reduced trip risk. They can also be placed in high traffic areas like living rooms for their protection value.

Best Protection For Tile Floors

tilefloorsTile floors can easily get marred by stains and debris such as dirt or sand. Such debris can be abrasive for tile floors. Durahold rug pads offer the best brand of protection for both your carpet and your floor by absorbing potentially harmful debris and moisture before they can inflict any damage. Liquid stains can deface the smooth and even texture of the tile floor and cause it to discolour and attain a rough look. To avoid this, Durahold is designed with a bulky structure to soak up harmful spills on the carpet before they can reach the floor underneath.

Resistance To Pressure

Heavy furniture and rough walk can damage the delicate surface of a tile floor and roughen up its polished texture. Durahold keeps this from happening. Being dense and thick, Durahold rug pads provide the bulk necessary to resist pressure from furniture, no matter how heavy. They also keep the tiled floor from sustaining any damage through persistent foot traffic.

Eco-Friendly Rug Pads

Durahold rug pads are made from environmentally friendly materials that are organic, non-polluting and hypoallergenic. Durahold does not pose any health risks. It is moth, mould and mildew resistant and does not give off any bad odour, even if damp. This rug pad conforms to strict environmental standards and it certifies to a greener environment. Durahold is an ideal accessory for a green and healthy home.

tilefloorwithrugpadThis quality is reassuring for homeowners, as many low grade rug pads available in markets cause allergies and wear out quickly. Durahold rug pads do not need regular care or cleaning and last a long time. This frees homeowners from constantly having to repair and replace rug pads. Being low-maintenance, Durahold gives a good service over a long time. Taking into account the range of benefits they provide, Durahold rug pads are fast becoming highly demanded home accessories. Many homeowners are shifting to buying Durahold as an upgrade from regular rug pads, as they ensure greater protection, comfort and safety of the home and family.