Natural Rubber Rug Pads

Most rug pads that are bought by homeowners are unsafe simply because they are made from dangerous materials. Buying them does keep the rug stuck to the floor and it functions well enough, but in the long run it turns out to be a dangerous element. Plastics and other dangerous adhesives make it more of a hazard in the home than anything else.

natural rubber padsRug pads are supposed to keep the home safe for children and adults alike. They keep a firm grip on the rugs so they don’t slip off and keep them from wearing out too fast. Some are made from organic materials that are safe from chemicals and glue. Others are not. Buying the proper rug pad can mean the difference between harming the flooring and rug or keeping it safe. A natural rubber rug pad is the best answer for buying a rug pad that is both functional and safe.

What is a Rubber Rug Pad?

While making rug pads that have a good hold, manufacturers make rug pads into the shape of a ‘mesh’. This looks like a usual rubber pad, but it is not. A rubber rug pad is made in a criss cross mesh design to provide optimum grip. It is not chemically treated and made from a 100% tree rubber. This is why, more often than not, it will be of a green colour. This literally makes it a natural product to use in the homes and safe for everyone involved.

Benefits of a Rubber Rug Pad

The benefits of a rubber rug pad are many. It can be easily washed, dried and reused. It is low maintenance and has excellent grip. Other ways it helps the rug are listed below.

rubber padsNon Slip

–Since it is made from a highly durable and not easy to break the material, the rubber can have a great hold on all sorts of rugs. It can hold the rug in place and keep it from gripping, just like the bottom of a sneaker. The mesh is designed to keep the pad from slipping under pressure and taking up as much space as it can to protect the rug. Protection – The rubber rug pad offered a good protection to both protection and shock. Since it is so durable, it can take the pressure of furniture and being walked on easily. The rug will be protected and the rubber won’t break under the demanding weight added on it.


–A rubber rug pad is safe for all floors. It keeps a good hold on everything from concrete to marble and keeps the rugs firmly in place. However, since it is rubber, it is not recommended for heated floors. Even though the heating on the floors is moderate, the rubber will still stand a risk of melting and sticking to the floor and rug if kept on it for too long.


natural rubber pads–Since it is a rubber rug pad, it is mildly comfortable. Under the rug, it will provide a good cushioning and lets furniture sit on it without breaking.

Natural rubber rug pads are the best in design for all sorts of flooring, except heated ones. They have a good hold on the rug and they have the best in anti slip technology. Their durability is immense and they can even stretch up to a certain limit before breaking. The user should be aware of plastic and other dangerous materials made in mesh to replace the rubber rug pads, but the one thing that gives them away is the softness. The rubber rug pad has a softness and elasticity to it that makes it an easy-to-use and easy-to-keep item in the household.

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