Rug Pads for Marble Floors

Buying a rug pad for marble flooring is not tricky. All one needs is to find the best, synthetic and long lasting rug pad, available in the market. Though many of those in the market are unsafe, a user needs to ask a company that specifically works in floorings and rugs. They provide the most useful information, after all.

Rug pads for marble floors are made with extra grip and durability to last against wearing and getting broken. Generally, they are made from a felt and rubber mix where the felt keeps the rug anchored and the rubber stays firmly on the flooring. Getting a rug pad for a marble floor requires knowledge of what material best provides what is needed.

What to look for?

When buying a rug pad for a marble floor, the main feature to look for is the grip of the pad. The thickness and softness of the material come next since the rug on the marble floor tends to wear out faster. There is no real grip on polished and smooth marble, so often a rug will bunch up or slip under the pressure of a footstep. This is not safe for the person nor is it safe for the rug. Buying a rug pad that helps keep it in place is essential. When looking for a rug pad to place over a marble floor, a few things must be kept in mind.

marbleflooringDoes it offer protection?

A good rug pad will hold on to the carpet on top as well as protect it. Since a marble flooring is hard and unyielding, without a pad, the rug will have its fibres crushed and trampled when walked on. A rug pad will take the brunt of the weight and keep it from being trampled between the floor and a hard pressure.

Does it have a good grip?

–The most important feature for a rug pad for a marble floor is to know if it can hold up against friction and pressure. When a rug is stepped on and the weight distribution is off, the rug will slip and cause the person stepping on it to fall. A rug pad terminates the threat of a horrible fall by keeping the rug stuck to it, while it stays firmly on the floor. So the answer would be, yes, it does have a good grip.

Can it keep the rug warm?

–As everyone knows, a marble floor may be beautiful, but in cold weather it tends to get very cold. Stepping on it is undesirable, so a rug is added to keep warm. The rug itself can be a good insulator, but adding a rug pad under it, will make it twice as warm. A rug pad insulates heat. It keeps itself and the rug warm when sat upon or stepped on. It is comfortable because of its softness and becomes very comfortable.

marbleflooringwithpadsBuying the correct rug pad for a marble floor can mean protection for both the marble and the rug itself. Since rugs create friction, constantly moving them about will damage the fibres on the underside of the rug and the polished surface of the marble. Sometimes when it is moved too much, the rug can scratch on the surface of the marble and leave tiny lines that cannot be fixed. This leaves permanent marks on beautiful floors. With the rug pad to take the scratching on its durable surface, the floor will be protected and given a healthy shine without the danger of someone slipping. The rug will be safe and last longer because the pad will keep it in place, keep it from bunching and give it a longer life than before.

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