Rug Pads for Play Rooms

A rug pad bought for a children’s play room is meant to add comfort. Children run around on rugs and carpets, they slip and fall, they spill and often leave the rug in a mess. To buy the perfect carpet for them is a challenge and to buy a rug is an even bigger one. The easiest decision in this case is buying a rug pad that keeps the tiny tots safe from falls and tripping. The rug pad has to be the easiest purchase any parents make. All they have to do is go through the variety rug pads have to offer and buy the best one.

What Children Need In Their Play Room Is Very Easy

childrensroomSince they often run about and jump about, a rug not held to the floor is a hazard. The tots trip over it, it can bunch up under one of their jumps and leave them in danger of falling on the hard floor. If a rug is placed on the floor without a pad underneath, spilling juices or water causes a slipping hazard for both adults and children alike.

What To Look For

When buying something for children’s rooms, what most people look for is durability and stability. They look for safety and when buying a rug pad, these are what the parents look for in it as well. Durahold rug pads offer this and much more.


–Buying a durable rug pad is as important as buying a durable rug. Often, the rugs bought for children’s playrooms are coarse and harder than decorative ones. Since they are made to be run on and stepped on, the fibres in them are hard as well. Getting a rug pad strong enough to hold the rug in place and not break is crucial. Usually, a rubber rug pad is both thick enough and sturdy enough for the job. It will hold the rug in place and not let it slide even if it is jumped on. It won’t break or crack under the pressure and will last longer.


–Since children often drop liquids on the rug, it is important to buy a rug pad that helps clean up the mess. Durahold rug pads’ water proof collection is enough to keep any spills or leaks at bay. The children spill paints, water, and juice and many other things that are bound to ruin the rug lying underneath. Getting the moisture barrier, Durahold rug pad is the clear answer. It holds the liquids inside, soaks them up and doesn’’t let them get to the floor.

Non Slip

–Children run and play around the room all day. The leap about and it causes a danger of them falling and hitting their heads. The ideal rug pad for this is one with the best grip on the floor and the rug itself. Children can jump on it all day and it will not slip unless deliberately moved.


kidsroom–A rug pad has to act as a cushion because children will sit down and lie on it. If they fall on it will not be painful for them, rather cushion their fall and keep them from getting hurt. Children also lie on their fronts and without a rug pad the hard floor under the rug causes discomfort. Placing a thick pad under it will soften the rug and make their games a snug experience. Buying the correct rug pad for children is one of the easier decisions parents have to make. Since there are so many varieties there is little that they have to consciously look for. Everything is all ready for them to buy. All they have to do is choose.

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