Best Rug Pads For Hardwood Floors

hardwoodflooringAny homeowner that has hardwood floors installed knows how much care and maintenance these floors require. They are not only expensive to set up, but they are highly sensitive. Solid hardwood flooring can be easily marred or defaced by moisture or by the action of carpet wearing. What homeowners need is a good way to protect hardwood floors from disfigurement. Durahold rug pads are emerging as a very popular way to safeguard both your carpet and your hardwood floor and ensure their longevity. Here are some ways in which such rug pads benefit homes.

Prevents Carpet Wearing And Moisture Seepage

These rug pads offer excellent protection to sensitive hardwood floor. Being thick, they add an extra layer of material that keeps your carpet from constantly wearing against the floor. This ensures that your flooring is not impaired over time and retains its looks over a long time. In addition, this rug pad keeps your floor from getting marred via moisture. Carpets are porous materials, and so any liquid spills, carpet dyes or paints can soak through minuscule holes in the carpet and down to the floor underneath. Placing a rug pad beneath your carpet will prevent moisture from seeping through and destroying the hardwood floor.This makes such rug pads ideal for your child’s bedroom and nursery as well as rooms like bathrooms and kitchen where there is added danger of liquid spillage.

Averts Pressure From Heavy Furniture

Placing furniture on the carpet means a lot of pressure is being exerted on both the floor and the carpet. This pressure can cause holes in expensive carpets and disfigure sensitive hardwood floors. Being 48 ounces thick, a Durahold rug pad keeps even the heaviest furniture from denting the floor. It ensures your floor remains safe, and you are able to place any type of furniture on the carpet without worrying it may cause disfigurement.

furnituresonrugpadsProvide Comfort And Prevent Trip Hazards

Hardwood floors can sustain damage from rough walks as well as tripping. Placing a Durahold rug pad underneath your carpet will help to avoid damage through these actions. Being dense and compact, this padding will ensure a thicker and more comfortable walk, thereby reducing the risk of tripping. Being made from soft material, it also makes for a more comfortable walk on the carpet, and this way it will give protection to delicate flooring.

Eco-friendly raw materials give added protection

These rug pads are made from finest solid natural rubber, whereas most other rug pads contain sprayed latex or synthetic rubber. Natural rubber is eco-friendly and does not pose any harm to your floor. It is compatible with all types of fragile flooring, and are excellent for use with hardwood. Natural rubber rug pads offer a sturdy grip to carpets and do not stick to floors.

hardwoodflooringYour hardwood floor is a valuable home investment that will last a long time, provided you expend the care and effort it requires. Placing Durahold rug pads underneath hardwood floors will protect them from damage through staining, dents, discolouring and scratches and for this reason they are a good asset for any home.


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