Pet Proof Rug Pads

petproofrugpadsWhen buying the perfect rug pad, a buyer will not only consider the rug, they will have to keep in mind the users. If there are pets in the house, then it is important to buy something that can sustain the activities of pets as well as other members of the house. Often pets, especially dogs, tend to wet carpets. This not only ruins the carpet, butalso the floor underneath it. Since it contains chemicals like ammonia, it is an astringent liquid that harms the colour of the floor and carpet alike. One of the best items to buy in the case of accidents by pets are the Durahold rug pads.The carpet itself can be cleaned with soap, water and sprays specifically designed to clean up such messes. The rug pad will protect the floor polish and surface. Cleaning a marble floor is easier than cleaning hardwood or polished floors. Since the surface contains polish and an expensive finish, washing it and scrubbing it down damages it. The Durahold rug pad is designed to prevent moisture from reaching the floors.

The best rug pad in such cases is a pad that has the best moisture barrier. It retains the fluids and keeps them from getting to the floor and causing damage.It also keeps the liquid from soaking the entire carpet since it is quickly absorbed once the deed is done. However,animal urine does differ in types, depending on the size of the pets. Larger pets can make a huge mess that can spread to large sections of the rug and smaller ones do not. Since the rug pad is designed to keep the fluid in one section of the rug, it doesn’t let it spread.

petproofrugpadOf course, this also depends on how long the mess sits there. If it is cleaned up instantly both the rug and the rug pad are safe from too much damage. But if it sits for too long then it might be a problem.

Is it a luxury or necessity?

The question most people ask when buying a rug pad is whether they are wasting money on something useless. The answer is simple: it all depends on how long the rug is wanted in the home. Once a rug is cleaned after a pet had made a mess of it, there is little protecting it. It will wear down once on the floor since the pet will tend to repeat the accident until stopped. There is no sure fire way to keep a pet from wetting the carpet but there is a way to contain the damage.

rugpadsforpetsPlacing a rug pad under the rug itself will make sure that the damage is as minimal as possible. As mentioned earlier, the size of the pet depends on the damage as well. If the mess is smaller the rug pad is able to contain the entire mess and not let it flow to the floor. If the pet is larger, the surface of the pad can hold the mess in unless more and more is added. However, it needs to be noted that the rug will have a tendency to soak up access if it is not cleaned fast enough. This will damage the rug and at the end lower the lifespan of the rug.

So the answer is yes, it is a necessity, not a luxury. Buying a rug with pets in the house is asking for trouble. Buying a rug pad with pets in the house is a stroke of genius. The rug pad is a hero when it comes to standing against pets and their little surprises. Buying Durahold rug pads are a great investment for the home.


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